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Start creating online marketing campaigns for your business with Wishpond’s 14-day free trial. My team and I were new to the ecosystem and didn’t know much about stores hosted on Shopify. Best Shopify Stores: 36. Unify in-store and online sales, accept payments, track inventory, and build customer loyalty from one point of sale. Owned by Kim Kardashian, who is just one of the many celebrities that use Shopify to sell her products. © 2021 ECOMMERCEGUIDE.COM Disclaimer: We are a professional review site that occasionally receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. In this article, I will analyse the most outstanding eCommerce About Us page examples to help you learn the lesson behind: How Shopify About Us pages really increase eCommerce conversion rates. I'll not only be showing you these stores are but what you can apply to your own Shopify store to see that success come your way. Rokos is a collection of strange sculptures that do the unexpected. If your a music lover then this Shopfiy store provides one of the best headsets you'll ever have. Victoria is a Marketing Generalist at Wishpond specializing in all things digital marketing and social media marketing. Ratio Coffee is a beautiful Shopify store with a balanced colour palette and a smooth scrolling system that embodies the elegance of their products. The product images are displayed from more angles. For every product there’s a description and instruction page, plus a video that further explains how to use every item. Below the carousel, they offer "wholesale," "gift guides," and "scratch-off" collections, for viewers who are having a difficult time discerning what they want. Hobbe offers a collection of stylish and comfortable rocking chairs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each of their products includes industry reference materials for their specific purposes. One the reasons this product sells so well is the high quality in product photography and display. No commitment. "Simple Sample Data" was initially created to speed things up for our own team. Bold fonts that make great contrast with the white background. It's definitely something worth investing in, no matter how small your Shopify store is or little products you have. Integrated Instagram feed – always a smart marketing tactic. The store takes advantage of the template’s dynamic product displays and … Easy access to products and shopping carts. Creating your own Shopify About Us page. A simple white background that empathizes products. Taylor Stitch is a typical clothing store with an atypical Shopify website. A modern, almost ‘antiseptic’ looking design that matches their products. This allows you to connect your Instagram to your Shopify store as As an example, Merchant of York, a store that sells home goods and houseplants, started prioritizing local sales amidst the pandemic and has updated its shipping page with clear bullet points about how each option works. Beispiele für Shops, die mit Shopify erstellt wurden. Forget about searching for test data CSV files and win your valuable time back! We’re particularly big fans of their cosmic exploration and coffee charts, and while we’re at it, the striking header on top of the page which immediately captures visitors attention. The full-width banner image is in line with the aesthetic of the store. Another successful Shopify store example is Blue Planet. The owner of Taylor Stitch stated that it took them 10 years of customer feedback before and during the launch of their Shopify store to fine tune who and what their customers wanted. A video background, catchy phrases, and a simple CTA button is what makes visitors want to be part of the Ratio Coffee community. Read this article to get 7 of the best Shopify stores to get e-commerce inspiration from. Let’s go! This allows your customers to leave reviews which can be a great sale driver for potential customers viewing your site. Your customers need to see what they’re buying. The bold typography matches the aesthetic of their products. The menu section has clear typography and is positioned on top of the page. There’s a different category for every jewellery collection which makes browsing through the website seamless. Browsing through Rhone’s selection of products is easy and pleasant because of the high-quality images and the nice layout. I Love Mole pays homage to these flavourful roots through a colour-infused site that packs a punch. It also comes with a built-in app that helps create high-quality images using your smartphone. Have a brand theme or aesthetics for your store. We tested and reviewed the services reviewed here. On the bottom of the page, there’s a list of publications from famous magazines where Rhone’s products have been featured. This app helps notify your customer (you guessed it) that your item is out of stock, but they can also be notified when it's back in stock. Don’t take it from granted, have you ever stayed on a website you didn't like or was too hard to look to? Deliver unforgettable retail experiences with the Shopify POS system. This POD Shopify store by Eric and Yana Dales was birthed while they were in Bangladesh, where they met while doing humanitarian aid work. Product images displayed from different angles. With a little work, any Shopify store can distinguish itself from its peers. top 10 shopify stores. If you are not familiar with Shopify, you can read our full Shopify review here. IDRAW offers a collection of high-end sketchbooks custom made for artists of all types. Inspire Uplift is a great example of a general dropshipping store. Looking for good Shopify store examples? Below you will find a whole list with homepage examples from other Shopify stores! La La Land is an online store that stocks products including home decorations, stationery, wall hangings, clothes, and much more from independent labels. Learn how brands like Rebecca Minkoff and Bumbleride are using 3D models to improve conversion rates by up to 250%. The best way to learn something is learning from the best! Read more about Cluse replatforming from Magento. Here is our selection of the best artistic stores. Pro tip: For step-by-step instruction on how to setup a content marketing strategy for your e-commerce store, check out 30 Reliable Ecommerce Marketing Strategies. The Shopify store differentiates itself through its vibrant color palette and product display. They have been in business for a long time! Have great product photos and descriptions. Their e-commerce now operates through Shopify Plus, with an online store that makes their audience tick. This New York-based company Shopify store host a range of high-quality headphones and audio accessories. We’ve already dabbled in fashion, so let’s go one step further and dive into the artistic deep end. Clear and transparent product descriptions. With that in mind, check out some of our other ecommerce guides for improving your store: Do you have your own examples of inspirational Shopify stores? It's a win-win for you and your shoppers. It’s no easy task to shine through a sea of competitive and established e-stores. Bluboho is a jewelry store that oozes elegance – the term “refined” is even part of their tagline. How Can I go about getting some help with my store in order to start generating sales? Their products mix acetate and polycarbonate materials with bamboo, cherry, and walnut. Take a Shot is the brainchild of a group of young creatives who came together to develop a unique brand of wooden eyewear. Get Victoria Taylor to personally send you his new posts. A sparse, modern design that gives an upscale feel to the store. Shopify: Themes & Stores We collect the best online stores built with Shopify commerce platform to detect the most popular themes for shopify websites, online shops. Shopify stores sometimes catch a little flak since they can look quite similar – that is if their owners aren’t aware of the customization options available to them. While a bit more expensive upfront, these themes often come with multiple color schemes and built-in functionality that will pay dividends to your brand image down the road. If you run an eCommerce store, you may have already come to realize that social media visitors do not have the same high intent to purchase as search engine visitors. Drop a comment about what helped your Shopify Store or better your experience. Here are our two favourite Shopify pet stores. On the website,  product collections are easy to browse, every item is represented with a number of images and the check out process is seamless. Take a look at Negative Underwear topics and navigation. There are a lot of successful Shopify stores out there that you can learn from. Built around the message of making women feel confident and comfortable in their underwear and bodies, this brand's Shopify store has been successful with a 150% growth in revenue in just three years. Ecommerce Homepage UX: The Inverted Pyramid, How to launch an Ecommerce SaaS tool, delivering millions of value to thousands of ecommerce sites – with Dennis Hegstad of LiveRecover, Taking an ecommerce site from 0 to 6-figures in 5 months – interview with Ash Young of carmats.co.uk, Nine Examples of Great Product Page Copy in Ecommerce, Six Ways Online Retailers Can Add a Luxury Feel to Homepages, 25 WooCommerce Store Examples That Will Inspire You. SkinnyMe Tea didn't just sell tea, they first ensured to sell the lifestyle around their tea and built a community of people within their niche content; health, fitness, and wellness. Easy access to different collections and products. This is one of the best beauty Shopify stores, it's highly customizable and responsive ready. No matter how good your product is without the right pictures, it'll still make shopper hesitant to buy your product. Here are some things that you can look at: Satisfaction Guarantee page. It achieves this look thanks to a well-executed mix of minimalism and sleek typography. Having an overall theme or aesthetic for your website lets visitors see your brand as well put together. Elegant scrolling system with simple animations. A great combination of regular product images with photos of live models wearing them. Having a blog or branded content on your website is a proven way to build credibility, create a community and bring sales to your store. Not content with being only art pieces, their products also foster reusability – so no one is going to be throwing them away in a hurry! This is another example of a Shopify store where the products sell out … Urbana Sacs is a great example of using an existing Shopify theme (in this case, Brooklyn) and adapting it to capture your brand’s identity. For more check out this Shopify Store Launch Checklist. Ultimately the point of your store is to sell so have a theme that is designed to sell as well. A small online boutique that was born as kitchen goods retailer, Mignon, which has expanded to sell items such as of housewares and party provisions is now a top example of how a Shopify store … Have you ever gone on a site and had to click through hoops for just one product? Instagram gives brands higher organic engagement than any other social platform. Conversio Marketing Automation Additionally, the blog section is well-organized and features appealing images. In love with blogging and Taco Tuesdays. Hauser uses a drop-down menu to make browsing through their vast product selection super easy. Every collection is packed with high-quality images that give a good impression on how the product looks. Link to their Shopify store so you can get even more inspiration for your own store! But it isn't just Kim's recognition that attracts buyers to the store but the appealing aesthetic and color scheme of the site, high-quality product images, and simple website layout that makes purchasing fun. The informal typography on their website matches the brand’s aesthetics. Follow her on Twitter @vicknwsbest. Modern Market offers it all, and it does so without dropping the ball on its design. To keep your Shopify sales growing... You can also know which the apps, tools, improved navigation you may need to have for your store. You don’t see a page like this often. After only 9 months this Shopify store earned $600k in monthly revenue and a massive following on social media. Multiple high-quality pictures for each product. Shopify Store Example #1: KKW Beauty. The bold typography in contrast with the background captures customers’ attention and makes them excited to learn more about the products. Well-organized blog section with appealing images. Every product is presented with a number of images and the drop-down menu makes browsing seamless. An integrated Instagram feed that doubles as a showcase for their designs, and as a testimonial section for satisfied customers. The centrally placed homepage header makes browsing product selections super easy. KKW host periodic sales that usually sold out in minutes if not seconds. There are lots of examples out there that you can consider when you are planning your landing page. McAfee SECURE But what does this have to do with selling products on Shopify Store? One way is to keep things simple. Kylie Cosmetics hosts periodic flash sales which are some of the largest on the internet. It isn't enough to sell your product but to have content that connects and attracts readers to see the benefits of buying your product. Ob Schuhgeschäft oder Lebensmittelshop – schau dir Beispiele für Stores auf Shopify an und lass dich für deinen eigenen Onlineshop inspirieren. See what foxy.io had to say on why good products matter and how to take them. The old saying, “knowledge is power” certainly rings true here. And before you’re questioning how I know that these Shopify stores are dropshipping, I used this article of mine to check it! Clear and informative product descriptions. Here are a few examples that we hope can inspire you to start off on your own. The main banner image immediately captures visitors’ attention and the striking CTA buttons drive online shoppers down the funnel. But you probably need to some help for 2020 to increase sales and grow your Shopify. So the e-entrepreneur has to think hard about how to stand out from the competition. Do you see now why it’s great to look at what others are doing? Having satisfied our artistic sensibilities, it’s time to move onto a messier (and hairier) subject – pets. High-quality images mixed with original graphics. You will see things that … Our last section is also our biggest by far, which is only fitting since it deals with a category we’re all invested in – home decor. Navigation and text of this site are effortless. A vast selection of categories, which makes shopping simple. They offer hundreds of products, including their famous charts, stationery, and wall decorations. To achieve this, they decided to do away with the traditional middleman structure, selling their products from their own store. Socialphotos Litter boxes. Informative and educational “Community” page. From the product, and price to the billing address, Edit Order has got you covered. Captivating CTA button in contrast with the white background. Pro tip: If you're interested in upgrading your website's ease of use, here are 10 steps for better website navigation. Pop Chart Lab is an online printer dedicated to the highly-specific craft of rendering data in charts and infographics. Cuppow was created with one simple idea in mind: to make reusable and eco-friendly food containers. That’s what you want for your store. First, Pop Chart Lab's Shopify store has a scroll-down navigation with sub-categories ranging from, "NYC" to "Kids" to "Hip Hop" to "Wine." I’ve listed at the end of this blog. Creating your first Shopify store or giving your store a new look? Not just these landing page examples follow the rules but offer something unique to get more sales and conversions. A wonderful section dedicated to their restaurant, which includes a menu and the option to reserve a table. The IDRAW homepage is all about the sketchbooks, which is a smart choice. Browsing through Silk Laundry’s products is pleasant and the high-quality images help customers envision how the products look and feel. The term ‘mole’ covers a number of sauces used in Mexican cuisine, including the famous guacamole. Great use of calls to action on their product pages. … Generating over millions in revenue from their store alone and making a name for themselves to rival against Beats by Dre in the headphone industry. A drop-down menu that features product images. TAMGA Designs. Easy page navigation and clear product descriptions is what makes shoppers want to stay a little longer on their website. Hobbe’s minimal and clean layout is in line with the aesthetic of their products. The central header makes browsing through the website easy and customers can easily find their way around product collections. Their homepage, much like some of their products, features some unique design choices that pay off unexpectedly. Central homepage header and a striking logo. When we try to find the best Shopify stores, for example, we usually go to the Shopify success stories page. A tiny Australian shop in Shopify sells leather goods between $159 and $199. The simple and easy-to-navigate website emphasizes products with high-quality images. Teatox Australia is a health supplement founded in 2013 to help people achieve better health through their tea detoxing programs. Modko’s collections are easy to browse, every product is described to detail, and the check out process is seamless. Quite simply, any Shopify store can become a stunner with a little thought. Haus is a home goods etailer that uses videos and full-width images to emphasize every item in its store. We particularly like the balanced color palette which puts customers’ focus on the products. Written by Victoria Taylor The secret ingredient for their teas selling success was having a great blog on their Shopify store as brand content. 01. The best example of Shopify e-Commerce "About Us" page template. Their passion for them stems from their long historical tradition and their belief that a great rug is a perfect item to tie a room together. 1. Every product is nicely presented with high-quality images which helps customers imagine themselves wearing the product. On top of the page, there’s a drop-down menu for every page category which makes browsing through the website seamless. Colourful visuals, including an excellent logo. We’ve already dabbled in fashion, so let’s go one step further and dive into the artistic deep end. Great product photos and clear product descriptions. Listed as arguably one of the best Make-up Shopify stores out there. What we particularly like is the colourful palette on their website and the short recipes thoughtfully placed next to every product – who wouldn’t want to make a purchase? One of my personal favorite Shopify apps. The website also has transparent “Shipping and Returns” and “Reviews” pages which builds brand trust. ), and manga. With this one-cart abandonment popup, they produced $51,994.28 in 50 days. Mignon. 6 Shopify Store Examples to Inspire Your eCommerce Website Design. They also have a carousel with some of their top prints on display. Not overreaching – Life Booster is a great example of a new store that is managing its steady success. Also Read: Printful Vs Printify. Product Reviews Posts written by author Ecommerce Guide will be written by multiple authors. They offer sketchbooks for comics, design including cars and shoes (seriously! These are our eight favourite (and most inspiring) home decor Shopify stores. Page Navigation is important for your Shopify store because it allows potential and returning customers to feel at ease to make purchases from you or getting to know your brand. A minimalistic design with gorgeous, color-filled images. They became discouraged by the lack of quality sportswear in the market, and decided to jump in and bridge the gap themselves. Nice layout and well-organized product collections. Here is our selection of the best artistic stores. With an international Shopify Plus architecture calling their global audience, Dutch watch-brand, Cluse, moved on from Magento. Fun “Journal” page with short and informative articles. KKW host periodic sales that usually sold out in minutes if not seconds. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Pro tip: Check out Shopify's paid theme marketplace. We particularly like the full-width banner image and the minimal yet striking homepage header. Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter. Edit Order While we can’t speak for its effectiveness, their Shopify design certainly caught our eye. Full-width images and tasteful photography. This site offers an excellent example of how to display lots of items per page without cluttering – little spacing between items and compact typography. Every color sends out a message, and it is up to you to send the message right. If you're looking to improve the UX design & developmentfor your Shopify website, contact us and let's see if … When it comes to Shopify looks do matter! The color and aesthetics are the first impressions of your website before your customer even thinks about your product. Listed in no particular order: A clean, minimalistic design based on pastel colors. We have to admit – we’re not experts when it comes to fashion, but we do have a great eye for outstanding design choices. The site manages to emphasize both its design and its products, becoming a perfect example of what a great Shopify store should be. La la land’s collections are easy to browse and the centrally placed homepage header makes moving through the website seamless. Full-width images and appealing photography. Solid promotion with videos of models wearing the products. Their website is organized in an uncluttered fashion which puts visitors’ attention on the products. All in one place. All of their products are handmade, and the operation is kept small so they can devote enough time to make each piece perfect. Modern Market offers a large selection of designs and tools for photographers. But the first step is to provide a good user experience. Product features are explained in a clear manner. Their Shopify store is packed full of lipsticks in every colour imaginable. The response was overwhelming in over 100,000 in revenues for the first six months of the Workshop. Site: KKW Beauty. Uncluttered interface and minimal design.

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