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auch Mittel zur Verhinderung des sog. Zukünftig: Eingreifen der Kommission auch im Falle struktureller Probleme? The new rules would impose a list of do's and don'ts on digital gatekeepers — like Amazon — without the need to establish that they command a dominant position in a certain market. Mit dem NCT will die Kommission Lücken im System des … Indeed, Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the Commission, in a speech marking the European Competition Day in Berlin on 7 September 2020 said that the Commission had received a lot of support for NCT, which might even allow the Commission to “prevent new gate keepers … They all agreed to the move, complete with the golden retriever. auch auf andere Mitgliedstaaten haben wird. Because competition is a great driver of innovation. Commissioner Vestager’s Speech on Digital Services Act and New Competition Tool open to public consultation. European Commission - Press Release details page - European - Statement Commission Strasbourg, 30 May 2018 The European Commission welcomes the provisional political agreement reached today by the European Parliament and the Council on the Commission proposal of March 2017 for a Directive to make Member States' competition authorities even more effective enforcers of EU antitrust rules. The European Commission is allowing national enforcers to refer deals to it that fall below their own notification thresholds in the hope that this will allow the agency to review more acquisitions of nascent competitors, the EU’s competition commissioner has said. Es wird daher interessant sein, ob bzw. In the fall, the Commission also merged the second pillar with a separate legislative item, the Alle Rechte vorbehalten. New EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to Take Office in November, Pending Approval . Commission President von der Leyen tasked Executive Vice-President Vestager in her mission letter with making sure that “competition policy and rules are fit for the modern economy” as well as “strengthening competition enforcement in all sectors”. Margrethe Vestager (Danish pronunciation: [mɑˈkʁeˀtə ˈvestˌɛˀjɐ]; born 13 April 1968) is a Danish politician and European Commissioner in the Von der Leyen Commission, currently serving as Executive Vice President of the European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age since December 2019 and European Commissioner for Competition since 2014. The Commission is now seeking feedback on its inception impact assessment until 30 June 2020 and responses to its questionnaire until 30 September 2020 as part of the public consultation. Am 2. Die Einführung des NCT soll aus Sicht der Kommission maßgeblich zur Stärkung funktionierenden Wettbewerbs beitragen. Commissioner Vestager has been given two portfolios; Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for the Digital Age and Competition Commissioner. Vorherige Ergebnisse garantieren keinen ähnlichen Ausgang. Factual summary of the contributions received in the context of the open public consultation on the New Competition Tool. One approach would be to look more closely at evidence of companies’ strategy; another could be to change the burden of proof. The purpose of this impact assessment is to identify whether there is a need for a New Competition Tool that would allow the Commission to intervene against structural competition problems, and if so, to devise such a tool to allow it to intervene in an effective and timely manner. Just her eldest daughter, who is preparing for medical … These days, Vestager is busy setting up her cabinet. Aktuell: Eingreifen der Kommission nur bei Verdacht eines Kartellrechtsverstoßes. This raises a number of important questions related to how the objectives of either portfolio … And Vestager wouldn’t mind having a new set of tools at hand, apart from the European competition legislation, to fight companies avoiding taxes. „It’s a matter of urgency to make sure that our digital future is open, […]“ – Die neue EU Kommission steht noch am Anfang ihres Terms, doch bereits zu Beginn ihrer zweiten Amtszeit sorgt die amtierende Wettbewerbskommissarin Vestager mit der geplanten Einführung eines „neuen Werkzeugs zur Bekämpfung aufstrebender Risiken für effektiven Wettbewerb“ („New Competition Tool“ / „NCT“) bereits für deutliche Akzente. Vestager: EU is “rethinking” deals involving nascent competitors. Ein weiteres Beispiel sind Entwicklungen, die dazu führen, dass sich auf bestimmten Märkten, insbesondere im Technologiesektor, aus Sicht der Kommission innerhalb relativ kurzer Zeit besonders starke Marktpositionen einzelner Unternehmen herausgebilden (sog. A parallel impact assessment was launched concerning the Digital Services Act rules on ex ante regulatory rules of very large online platforms acting as gatekeepers. Proposed New Competition Tool . On 10 September 2014, the President-elect of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker appointed the Danish nominee Margrethe Vestager (46) as the new EU Commissioner for Competition. The proposal for a New Competition Tool is one of the measures aimed at fulfilling this task by addressing gaps in the current EU competition rules and allowing for timely and effective intervention against structural competition problems across markets. Margrethe Vestager is a Danish politician and European Commissioner in the Von der Leyen Commission, currently serving as Executive Vice President of the European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age since December 2019 and European Commissioner for Competition since 2014. The most radical proposal from the EC is for a completely new competition tool that would allow it to address structural competition problems without finding an infringement to antitrust rules on anti-competitive agreements or abuse of dominance. Diese Problematik ist nicht neu. Watch the full session […] Authors. Vestager has previously charted the Commission’s new competition tool as being necessary to reign in the power of the digital platforms in an environment where firms harbouring significant network effects have too much control over the markets that smaller businesses rely on. The European Union is committed to user privacy. Urheberrecht © 2020, Hogan Lovells. Margrethe Vestager is expected to take up her post as the new Competition Commissioner on 1 November 2014, following approval of the College of Commissioners by the European Parliament in … – Die neue EU Kommission steht noch am Anfang ihres Terms, doch bereits zu Beginn ihrer zweiten Amtszeit sorgt die amtierende Wettbewerbskommissarin Vestager mit der geplanten Einführung eines „neuen Werkzeugs zur Bekämpfung aufstrebender Risiken für effektiven Wettbewerb“ („New Competition Tool“ / „NCT“) bereits für deutliche Akzente. “The new competition tool should enable the Commission to address gaps in the current competition rules and to intervene against structural competition … Auch wenn das NCT als Bestandteil des Digital Services Act daherkommt, ist jedoch wahrscheinlich, dass es in seiner Anwendung nicht auf digitale Märkte beschränkt bleiben wird. A more frequent use of the existing tool … Zusätzliche Brisanz erhielt die Problematik struktureller Wettbewerbshindernisse zudem in jüngster Vergangenheit durch das Aufstreben neuartiger Marktfaktoren, etwa durch den Einfluss Algorithmus-basierter Technologien oder von Big Data auf das Marktverhalten einzelner Unternehmen. Letztlich könnte sich die Kommission dadurch zu einer Art „Super-Regulator“ aufschwingen, der sektorspezifische Ordnungsbedürfnisse identifiziert und durch entsprechende Maßnahmen zu beseitigen versucht. This includes structural competition problems that the current rules cannot tackle (e.g., monopolisation strategies by non-dominant companies with market power) or cannot address in the most effective manner (e.g., parallel leveraging strategies by dominant companies into multiple adjacent markets). Belgique/België, Information and communication technologies, Contributions outside Better Regulation Portal, Intervention triggers and underlying theories of harm, Interplay between the New Competition Tool and Sector-Specific Regulation in the EU, The New Competition Tool: Its institutional set up and procedural design, Legal comparative study of existing competition tools aimed at addressing structural competition problems, with a particular focus on the UK’s market investigation tool, An Economic Evaluation of the EC’s Proposed "New Competition Tool", Your voice in Europe: participate in other consultations. Anwaltswerbung. Their replies are available on the Better Regulation webpage. welche Auswirkungen dieser Vorstoß ggf. 5849 in the Subject of your correspondence. Our two inception impact assessments – on new regulations and the new competition tool – are still open until the end of June. Vestager is a member of the Danish Social Liberal Party, and of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe … „Tippings“ von Märkten an die Hand geben werden. She is due to announce new competition tools … In line with Better Regulation Principles, the Commission is conducting an impact assessment for a possible New Competition Tool. In a speech recently delivered at the German Bundeskartellamt, Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager touched upon the new competition law challenges that emerge from the fact that some companies use automated systems, so-called algorithms, to monitor their competitors' prices for … Derartige Marktstrukturen stellten die Kommission bislang vor erhebliche Herausforderungen, da hieraus folgende (implizite) Verhaltenskoordinierungen nicht immer und ohne weiteres auf Grundlage aktueller kartellrechtlicher Regelungen adressiert werden können. September 11, 2014 ... Ms Vestager has been a member of the Danish Parliament since 2001 and has led the “Radical Left” Party, Denmark’s Social Liberal Party, since October 2011. Wir freuen uns über Ihren Besuch. One important reason for revising competition policy is that new antitrust tools are needed to deal with data, which is becoming increasingly important as more businesses and sectors digitalise., Postal address: wie sich die aktuellen Bestrebungen in Brüssel mit dem Gesetzesvorhaben zum „GWB-Digitalisierungsgesetz“ in Deutschland zusammenfügen werden bzw. The European Commission's executive vice president, Margrethe Like the Borgen character who consults her family when offered the Prime Minister post, Vestager consulted her family about moving to Brussels, where she is to become the next EU competition commissioner. Nichtsdestotrotz würde das NCT aber verhaltens- und strukturbezogene Maßnahmen, etwa Vorgaben zur Änderung von Preisstrukturen oder ggf. Wenn Sie automatisch über neue Artikel informiert werden möchten, abonnieren Sie doch unsere RSS-Feeds oder E-Mail Alerts. Workshop with the members of BEUC (European Consumer Organisation) on the ongoing impact assessment for a possible New Competition Tool, minutes of the video call. One is the so-called New Competition Tool, a market investigation tool that would allow competition enforcers to act more swiftly and forcefully. Speaking at the New Statesman’s Global Policy Forum this morning (12 June), Vestager denied the crisis had diminished the appetite for plans to rein in US tech giants. Speaking at the New Statesman's Global Policy Forum this morning, Vestager denied that the crisis had diminished the appetite for plans to rein in US tech giants. In der Folge könnte die Kommission zukünftig auch bereits solche Unternehmen zur Beseitigung von Wettbewerbshindernissen heranziehen, die strikte kartellrechtliche Compliance-Vorgaben beachten und einhalten. Tel: +1 202 637 5600 Durch die Nutzung erklären Sie sich mit dem Setzen von Cookies einverstanden. "It's important to discuss such decisions in a family," she said. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies, um das Verfassen von Kommentaren zu vereinfachen. She will have the power to block mergers or require the sale of companies’ assets for deals go through. Tomorrow, new European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will take control of the Commission’s most powerful tool: the enforcement of European Union competition law. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Margrethe Vestager wants to keep European markets competitive -- which is why, on behalf of the EU, she's fined Google $2.8 billion for breaching antitrust rules, asked Apple for $15.3 billion in back taxes and investigated a range of companies, from Gazprom to Fiat, for anti-competitive practices. The New Competition Tool is one of the three pillars through which the Commission seeks more effective competition across the economy and a fairer digital ecosystem with a view to strengthening the Single Market for the ultimate benefit of European consumers. However, Vestager … Vor geradezu klassischen Problemen steht die Kommission etwa seit langem im Umgang mit hochkonzentrierten, oligopolistischen Marktstrukturen, die typischerweise mit hoher Markttransparenz einhergehen und es Marktteilnehmern erlauben, Verhaltensweisen ihrer Konkurrenten zu überblicken und vorherzusehen. A new competition tool. The exact form of the new tool has yet to be set. Prof. Van Reenan discussed his work on concentration levels in U.S. business. This initiative is based on the Commission’s experience with enforcing the EU competition rules in digital and other markets, as well as on the worldwide reflection process about the need for changes to the current competition law framework to allow for enforcement action preserving the competitiveness of markets in times of increased digitisation and market concentration. Fax: +1 202 637 5910. Gerade auch eher traditionelle Sektoren oder Märkte, die zunehmend digitalisiert werden, könnten in Zukunft ein Anwendungsfall für das NCT werden. Juni 2020 hat die Kommission eine öffentliche Konsultation zur Einführung des NCT eingeleitet. 188 stakeholders filled in the questionnaire. Vestager asked for feedback on June 2 about a potential new tool to intervene on markets -- such as technology -- before it’s too late for competition to be saved. Commission President von der Leyen tasked Executive Vice-President Vestager in her mission letter with making sure that “competition policy and rules are fit for the modern economy” as well as “strengthening competition enforcement in all sectors”. "Hogan Lovells" oder die "Sozietät" ist eine internationale Anwaltssozietät, zu der Hogan Lovells International LLP, Hogan Lovells US LLP und ihnen nahestehende Gesellschaften, die jeweils eigene Rechtspersönlichkeit besitzen, gehören. Summary of the contributions of the National Competition Authorities to the consultation on the New Competition Tool. USA Please always include the reference number HT. The EU’s competition … EU Kommission strebt Erweiterung ihrer Eingriffsmöglichkeiten zur Beseitigung von Wettbewerbshindernissen an. The proposal for a new competition enforcement tool is complementary to those initiatives and is pursued in parallel. Fax: +44 20 7296 2001, Hogan Lovells US LLP Noch ist nicht klar, wie genau das NCT konkret aussehen wird und welche Unternehmen potentiell betroffen wären. 555 Thirteenth Street, NW Nicht jedes Wettbewerbshindernis knüpft jedoch an kartellrechtswidrige Verhaltensweisen von Marktteilnehmern an. Mit dem NCT will die Kommission Lücken im System des Wettbewerbsschutzes schließen, um besser auf  aktuelle Entwicklungen reagieren zu können. Recurring topics were growth and innovation, the creation of jobs and the importance of a strong and fair application of competition rules. Tel: +44 20 7296 2000 Der weitere Gesetzgebungsprozess wird in die deutsche Ratspräsidentschaft und damit in die Präsidentschaft eines Landes fallen, das derzeit selbst mit der 10. New Competition Law Approaches to Digital Markets April 10, 2020. The European Commission’s executive vice president, Margrethe Vestager, has said the coronavirus crisis has renewed the need for reform of the tech sector. She argued that new tools are needed to assess potential competition to tell good deals from bad. Now She Wants Sharper Tools. “At competition and the issues she’s tackling there are closely linked to the digital sector too. „Tipping“). Responsible services: Chief of staff will be a Danish EU official who has dealt with trade and sustainable development in the Commission, Ditte Juul-Jorgensen. Download as PDF. In a sign that the Commission's digital and competition services are working in tandem, under the oversight or Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s executive body is also seeking stakeholder views on a new competition tool to ensure that competition policy … Directorate-General for Competition – Unit A.1 - Antitrust Case Support and Policy. In November, subject to a confirmation from the European Parliament, she will become the successor to the current holder of the competition portfolio Joaquín Almunia. Impfen am Arbeitsplatz – Haftung des Arbeitgebers? She will be seconded by a Scot, Linsey McCallum, who has served as director in DG competition, in charge of information, communication and media. Our broader public consultation on the new competition tool is open until 8 September. "Power exchanges are central to the efficient functioning of electricity markets," said Margrethe Vestager, the commission's executive vice-president in charge of competition policy. Directorate-General for Competition New Competition Tool. In its press release on the potential new enforcement tool the Commission said that ensuring the contestability and fair functioning of markets was likely to require a “holistic and comprehensive approach”. She Fined Tech Giants Billions of Dollars. 1049 Brussels Washington, DC 20004 While having more than one portfolio may not be new, combining an important policy coordination function and an enforcement function is a novel approach. Mrs Vestager will now have a basic choice to stick to traditional enforcement using the established competition tool box or to espouse a new wave of reform. Vestager Algorithms, Big data, Digital economy, ... European Union, New Competition Tool, Online platforms, Platforms, Vestager. Margrethe Vestager is pivoting away from blockbuster fines against … Asked what sorts of measures she would prefer to see implemented in Europe, Vestager said: “It’s important to have a new competition tool to step in if a market is at risk of tipping, so that new digital gatekeepers will be created.” One useful measure, Vestager added, is to ban companies from using their platforms to promote their own products at the expense of their rivals. London EC1A 2FG For instance, new rules on automatic exchange of information between member states about tax rulings, something that the Commission intends to propose later this year. This initiative by the European Commission aims at identifying the gaps in the current EU competition rules and possibly creating a new complementary tool to strengthen competition enforcement. While Ms Vestager considers settlements a valuable tool in the competition enforcement armoury, she is unequivocal that she will not accept settlements that do not fully address the Commission's concerns. The European Union could look into Google's compliance with new copyright rules, after France raised concerns regarding the U.S. giant, the EU's competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager … Insbesondere könnte die Kommission wettbewerbsrechtliche Abhilfemaßnahmen zukünftig auch ohne Nachweis eines Kartellverstoßes an Unternehmen adressieren, die sich stets kartellrechts-compliant verhalten haben. This new tool must nevertheless not take away from the core objectives of competition law namely preserving and fostering a level of innovation, quality of digital products and services, a consideration of the degree to which prices are fair and competitive, and the degree to which quality or choice for business users and for end users is or remains high.

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