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I should think at 16 weeks I was in the middle of feeling incredibly worried about it. He still has a downturn mouth when he is concentrating on something but that's inherited from my dad! I think the thing to focus on is how lovely it is when they DO smile, and also the fact that you know it's a 100% genuine smile, not like all the social smiles we put on when we're older. It totally echoed my concerns about my ds now & I wanted to know how things had worked out for you! And thanks angel I read your post last night & felt cheered along! Make sure your baby can see you clearly. I DO make it big givelove - but maybe my anxiety shines through too! A day can seem a long time when you're waiting for your baby's first smile, especially when friends' babies are busy smiling already. )just some honest real life experiences! Smile by five to seven weeks; Laugh out loud by three months. It's hard because we are so conditioned by adverts etc to think ALL babies are smiley. To think this is rude? First off, he's 8 weeks old, he doesn't need washing EVERY DAY, 2nd, he has very dry skin and even I don't bathe every day in the winter for that very reason, and 3rd, there is a bad draft in the bathroom that comes down into the tub, and Adi gets very cold unless I submerge him. What can I do? Warning signs of emotional development problems, Are you feeling depressed? To wonder why anyone would get a takeaway roast? MrsSnoops !! 8 week baby doesn't smile at all and doesn't look at faces. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases. Hello my baby just turned 8 weeks today and according to all various books/magazines/etc she should be smiling and interested in faces but she's not! She is now 7 months and still not the most smily baby on the block but she at least smiles daily now and does seem happy.I understand the concern and also wondered if it was me. He smiled late as well and not very often. It won’t be the kind of chat you enjoy with your girlfriends, but it’ll make you just as happy. 8:07. My ds is 23 months now and has a great sense of humour. But that is probably because I'm trying to make him smile to make me feel good and reassured. She barely even smiles for her paternal grandma and she has seen her since the day she was born. Updated on September 30, 2009 S.R. Some babies are just serious and don't find us adults very funny when we are faffing about making slly faces etc. If a baby reacts strongly to anything he doesn't like, it can be hard to know how to respond. It doesn’t help if they’re in day care with other sniffling kiddos, or they’re around adults that can’t resist kissing their little faces. sorry, doesn't mean to say he's grumpy not she. Find out more about, Get advice and tips from other parents about how to bring out your baby’s sense of humour in our. Babies that don't smile usually tend to have autism, though rare in females. - Don't think me a stalker but I was "looking" for you earlier! My DS has a beautiful smile too - a distinct dimple on one cheek. I'm posting under different name just because I'm worried about my lo but post a lot. I know I tell you that from time to time and it doesn’t mean I have to post it & share it... but today I wanted anyone who follows me or is interested in my life to know that this man is a special human with a huge heart:) & I am lucky to have crossed paths with him! Smiling Helps You Stay Positive. My friends little one is 8 weeks younger and is laughing and giggling loads already. It's just hard when you see a sudocreme or pampers advert and think all babies are smiling balls of fun except yours!! While caregivers often smile at their newborns, this behaviour will be dependent on the baby's state—they are less likely to smile if the baby is crying. To give you the best experience, BabyCentre’s website and emails use cookies and similar tracking systems to personalise the content and ads we provide to you. My dd1 was such a serious little soul, Bless her. My DD doesn't/didn't smile much. No milk! Hello! So take heart, your DS might be like mine and really start to enjoy himself more as he becomes more and more independent. Doesn't mean to say she's grumpy, perhaps she's just clever and will develop a far greater sense of humour as she gets older and more independant as angel says. Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. Victoria is the latest in a long line of celebrities to be asked Vogue's 73 Questions. • The "intense" or "passionate" baby: An intense baby may scream or cry loudly whenever he feels distressed, unlike a milder baby who might simply frown or whimper. He still is quite serious (3 now) but laughs and smiles lots as well now. Our DD didn't smile much until nearly one I would say. By six weeks of age, your baby should smile in response to your smile. Then try some or all of these other smile-inducing tactics: Get close and be dramatic. In the highly unlikely event that your baby doesn't smile by 3 months old, consult your baby's doctor to see whether there's a biological reason. Do some babies just not do it much or shall I carry on making myself ill worrying about him!? You notice baby's stool is red or black, which could indicate bleeding. My DD doesn't/didn't smile much. DD never smiled much, and she's still quite serious (but lovely). He is very giggly now - but he's over a year old. Related Videos. Honestly Savvyesmummy, don't worry! My ds hardly ever smiled as a little baby. My family would all smile and coo over him and he just glared at them or cried! So if your baby doesn't cry, you might be wondering if everything is okay. Some people are just more choosey with their comedy . He thinks everything is funny - us chasing him, him farting etc! congrats on your 2nd baby idunnop Thanks for your positive post! Last update: 14 September, 2018 Having a baby that doesn’t cry can actually be challenging, as it won’t be easy to recognize when he’s hungry, cold, or needs something. 9/2/2010 at 3:58 PM. Now a very smiley and giggley 2 year old.I used to say she was a comedy critic and would only smile/laugh the first time if it was truley funny, but secretly I did worry as a friend has a baby of a similar age and was so smiley his nickname became Barron Von Chuckles.It will pass I'm sure. She rarely smiled and being my PFB she caused me endless amount of worry "she's not happy" "I make her sad" "why doesn't she smile" "I'm a crap mum" ...and so on ...As she has grown, she has developed into a wonderful child ...well, most of the time ...she is 9! I convinced myself ds would just be a miserable child and that he didn't like me or any people in general. Your breastfed baby doesn’t poop for more than three days. Thanks for replying! Baby Doesn't Coo or Babble. Your formula-fed baby doesn’t poop for more than five days. Netmums Parent Supporters are on this board every weekday evening to answer your queries on baby and child health. We use your health information to make our site even more helpful. My baby cries all the time. my gorgeous girl is 6 months tomorrow and she is the happiest smiliest little girl but she doesn't laugh. ... respond with more than a noise or smile untl he was over 3. Our pedi said they don't begin to worry at all unless the baby doesn't laugh or smile before 6 months so … Before the smile, if I’m completely honest, having a baby felt a little bit like having an especially clingy pet. Games like peekaboo are also great to engage baby. I didn't realise he had inherited my dad's downturn mouth till I posted some photos on FB from their recent visit and everyone commented on it! I see all the smily baby pics on fb, yet I've only seen him smile maybe twice and not even close to catching it on camera. I have a 7 month old son who barely makes a sound. 1997-2021 All rights reserved. Although my mum did say to me recently that she'd been worried about my DD in the early days, I've always just seen it as part of DD's personality.DS however smiles all the time. By clicking the button, you agree to our policies and to get emails from us. I read an old thread of yours about your dd and passive babies. But there’s real joy there now. lolShe is still a 'serious' child and is a deep thinker/bit of a fretter (is that a word?!) When your baby is relaxed and looking around with interest, hold her opposite you, with her face close to yours (about 30cm apart). they all seem perfectly contented whether they smile or not.Not too sure when babies are supposed to smile, but they learn best from copying what they see, so if you smile - but make it BIG - and coo and giggle when playing with your lo, maybe he will copy you.16 weeks is still so very little - so try not to worry,as he is smiling you said, even if it is not as much as you'd like. but one thing I'm certain of ...she's happy! I remember meeting him when he was 6 months old and thinking that he reminded me of Ross Kemp in Eastenders - bit of a bruiser, no hair...and didn't smile much I'll say again, he is entirely normal - and at five, a complete delight! The information Netmums Parent Supporters provide is not intended to substitute professional health advice. I'm not anyone who would know (not a paed or midwife etc etc) - but it sounds OK to me. You can see it in his eyes. If you want to encourage your baby to smile and communicate with you, look for times when she is calm, yet bright-eyed and alert. He was partly deaf, due to ear infections, and yes we found that he has Aspberger's Syndrome. I really do appreciate the replies that i have had here - they are just what I needed: not too serious or analytical (as mumsnet can sometimes be! When people come over in stores to say hi & smile at her she just stares back … They just come in all types really. I don't think it's too relevant to be honest, and certainly aged 21 months she smiles and laughs all the time. Thanks for commenting! My DS was the most serious faced little baby you had ever met, he did smile but was never generous with them at all you had to work hard for every little smirk he threw at you. She is now 7 months and still not the most smily baby on the block but she at least smiles daily now and does seem happy. My DD was the most sour pussed baby you could meet, hardly ever smiled (even for photos when she got older).She is 6 now and all 3 of her end of year school reports the teacher has put how they will miss her happy smiley face every day....HTH! I will just imagine that my little one will warm up as the months pass! I understand the concern and also wondered if it was me. I need to chill out and perhaps just accept that my ds has actually chilled more than me! Ds (now 18 months) was a very serious baby. Give your baby some time to see if he wants to respond. Look for times when your baby is calm and relaxed, yet still paying close attention to the world around him. ds2 isn't like this - but he DOES smile & he can find things funny. The level of silliness we stoop to in order to make her laugh or smile is embarrassing but worth it! Hi my baby she’s 12-13mo she doesn’t look when I call her name I tried to turn off the T.V. That's so funny notyummy - I have googled images of the other Mitchell brother to show dp as an uncanny likeness to our ds! I'm expecting my 2nd baby soon and glad that this time I'm less likely to obssess about all the little things, as I know everything will turn out fine in the end. Social smiling is a part of her social development, but not the only component.” At 16 weeks we were going through a horrid weepy growth spurt/breastfeeding trauma... my niece never smiled much - didn't really notice at the time until we were going trhough photos one day ans she looked miserable in them all! My beach bum baby! I should think at 16 weeks I was in the middle of feeling incredibly worried about it. Thank you bratnav - it does help! She will occasionally squeal when she's happy but she doesn't really make a lot of noise at all other than grunting and Ahhhh sounds. I mean, your baby should see you smile and smile back at your smile. goto it has a bunch of things to watch for at different age groups. It did get better when I stopped trying so hard and my smiles became more 'natural' I think also my anxiety was showing through. I am thankful for you today and everyday! It's made me really worry. Chubby new baby monkey becomes weakness what happened why look like baby … Someone once had a go at me in the supermarket because she wouldn't smile back, but it's never bothered me. He has the cutest laugh too. Anonymous. She said she only realised when she had her her 2nd and 3rd babies quite how solemn DS 1 was. she is a fine happy teenager now.I know lots of babies who don't crack a smile and others who constantly mimic all the funny faces granny and grandma make. Shortly after baby’s first social smile, they’ll start trying to chat with you. He is just 16 weeks but doesn't smile much and not really spontaneously. Baby monkey doesn't angry mom when mom deny milk. Physical development Common characteristics include: Many babies who are under three months cry a lot, especially in the late afternoon or evening. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Thanks omricon (your name is interesting!) They have their own little personalities and preferences. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. He is now a grinning, lovely 5 year old. Now try to think of something negative without … “Every baby doesn’t follow the textbook, and some take up to 4 months to start smiling socially. We already had a dd who'd been incredibly smiley and sociable, so I couldn't help but compare.But since he was about 12/13 months, Ds started to turn into a bit of a class clown - loves making us all laugh, really responsive, smiles loads - so it really was just a phase. I never worried about the smiles, but I did worry about everything else (was I stimulating her / talking to her / playing with her enough, etc etc.) LOL. Do some babies just not smile very often? He laughs a lot and smiles a hell of a lot more than he ued to (although stilljust glares at certain family members who shall remain nameless lol! My daughter is sooo serious, she doesn't smile for anyone really but me, her daddy & my mom. ... She doesn't smile on her own. My DS was a right grump when he was little... Never had a smile for anyone, just cried and cried. ('Jiggling' babies is not a good way to help them settle and can be very scary or even painful for the baby, even if they stop crying. ).At 16 weeks, we had to really work to get smiles, and I always had this lingering doubt at the back of my mind as to whether there was 'something wrong'. So it could be that a very smiley baby simply has more people to smile at, or spends more time engaged with a caregiver. The first social smile may appear as early as 6 weeks, but it's unlikely to be a regular feature for quite a while. Many babies start to smile at around. This is not the phantom smile that you see as your baby is falling asleep or that gets attributed to gas. 8 week baby doesn't smile at all and doesn't look at faces. Ask midwife Hannah Harvey, Your questions about use by dates have been answered by the FSA, Get a £5 Amazon voucher when you test NatWest Island Saver game with your child. He's 10 weeks old and I'm starting to think somethings wrong because he really doesn't interact with me that much. I have lots of photos of him under a year with a straight face in fact I think on my online albums the few that he is smiling in I actually felt the need to comment it was so rare, he was totally different to dd who smiled all the time. P.S someone watched the nightline special on girls with autism. Rest assured there’s nothing wrong. Because I do so want to believe that he is OK - I just keep reading/hearing/seeing things about laughing/giggling smiley babies who just adore everything their family does & are entertained non-stop by siblings etc. I'm hoping I'll look back when he's a year old & just wonder what I ws worrying about! HV told to talk to G . In the highly unlikely event that your baby does not smile at all by the time she … So now I try to think of it as a nice thing that he has inherited something so distinctive from my dad. If she's tired, hungry or overstimulated, she probably won't feel much like smiling. and clapped behind her and she didn’t react also Sometimes I see her shaking her head Sideways but he can walk, smile and shout baby talk like “ta ta ta, da da da, and sometimes daddy. My best friend first DS hardly smiled at all until he was much older. Like your ds, people would smile at him in shops etc., and he would never smile back, and I'd find myself apologising for him (! "Your baby doesn't have a clear sense yet of who you are." Stools are thin or watery, or you see mucus in the diaper — this may be diarrhea. It is also when he is most likely to smile. Play games. When will my baby smile for the first time? 16 weeks isn't that old - and I think some babies are more serious and thoughtful than other. I have worried that ds doesn't smile at other people; I wish I could adpot a more relaxed attitude. On average most parents say they see their baby's first smile between 6 and 8 weeks, though some are convinced their baby smiles from 4 weeks and others that there is no hint of a grin until 12 weeks. Husband sent a little too much money to his parents, Do you have questions about pregnancy or your new baby? Thanks angel and slim - I really appreciate replies! Generally, babies smile readily by 12 weeks, and by 6 months most smile ecstatically at the people they know best. Sayyesmummy,Another grumpy one here. But smiling begins at different times for different babies. LOL. LOL at the down turned mouth angel! Watching your baby grow is an unforgettable experience. HV told to talk to G. 25 answers / Last post: 1/28/2021 at 7:11 PM. Those coos are often just breathy vowel sounds that don’t sound much like words at all—but if you make the same noises back at baby, you two just might start a “conversation.” We used to have to work really hard to make him laugh too, even then often he could laugh but cry immediately afterwards! )I'm sure it's all normal, they are all so different. DD didn't smile much at that age - it was ages and ages before I ever managed to get a photo of her smiling! Like you say meandmyjoe we should respect their differences rather than expect them all to be the same. As some of you say about your children- he's not one to give his smiles freely and easily & sometimes it takes a lot of work! This is page 1 of 2 (This thread has 44 messages.). Stools are hard and pebbly, or much thicker than peanut butter. Friends not replying to invite. All contents copyright © BabyCenter, L.L.C. DD2 never really smiled very much, you really had to work for them as well, having said that she was waaay more laid back than DD1.DD2 is nearly 6 now and is very smiley (and bright) she just wasn't a smiley baby.HTH. Her ecstatic smile when she sees you rapidly comes to mean that she expects good things when you are around, and her lack of a smile to others means she doesn't feel so safe with them. The questions change depending on the celebrity and the location of … BUT he is 16 months old now and is a real smiley and happy boy. Even then, however, her … We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the, Your child's timeline: when milestones happen, Breastfeeding: the trick to a comfy latch. The #1 app for tracking pregnancy and baby growth. He has a beautiful smile when he does smile! asks from Hayward, CA on September 27, 2009 18 answers. My Ds2, for example, only really smiled at his siblings (who, admittedly, are much funnier than me) for ages. Be patient and ask the pedi if you're concerned. Still, you can try to encourage a smile. Hold your face about 30cm from his, then talk to him and smile. Experience feel-good shopping Shop at and we’ll donate to your favourite charitable organisation, at no cost to you.. Get started Same products, same prices, same service. Try this test: Smile.

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