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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Very reminiscent of coty wild musk. I love the idea of this fragrance but it does not work with my body chemistry. I sprayed this on myself in a shop and it lasted for an outstanding three days. Imo the best Calvin Klein perfume.. great smell and good longevity.. very affordable with great performance. And I cannot find any similarity to Sunflowers and to L'Eau D'Issey, which I don't like. It reminds me of "mom" perfumes that you used to spray yourself with when you were a kid and she wasn't around. I also love fresh 'green tea' scents but one of the most popular green tea scents smells like bug spray on my skin whereas 1000's of other people adore it! All the scents I bought lately, from different brands, have almost no sillage and longevity and I keep spraying and spraying. Happy with my bottle here. Just only just like it. I do however own a bottle of coty musk and did a side by side comparison and asked two people if they did notice how similar they are. Today I am escaping into the green woods of spring. I get it! Sur un cours de tennis, dans un centre équestre ou pour une séance de danse hip-hop, le sweat à capuche est parfaitement en phase avec notre style féminin. It was reduced price so now I'm thinking it may have been at the end of its shelf life. Coriander? From sports bras and tops to pants and shorts, you’ll find a variety of activewear options to make your workout that much more satisfying. Starting at $59.49. exquisite!! Obsession reminds me to much of a creepy person I used to know. Ce sweat droit Calvin Klein Performance en coton, est doté d'un col rond, de manches longues, de la griffe floquée en contraste sur la poitrine et de finitions côtelées. It's like diving into pleasure, timeless! A colleague while entering my room sniffed and said "this rooms smells beautiful". They are famous for their iconic white underwear with the wide branded waistband which has been modelled by famous faces such as Freddie Ljungberg and more recently Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner . The melon was overwhelming and ever-present. The escape name must come from the feeling you want to escape the stench of this foul smell. 🤣 It took me a day to become reacquainted. Mais si auparavant les sweats étaient réservés aux séances de sport ou au cocooning à la maison, ils sont maintenant devenus de réels accessoires de mode ! I guess I needed to do some growing up in a perfume world sense to appreciate this perfume. Recently re-discovered. Sign up to our emails and get the latest collections, new brand drops, UO exclusives, promotions & more... By entering your email address, you agree to receive Urban Outfitters offers, promotions, and other commercial messages. I wish I could smell what everyone else is smelling. I was wearing Eternity and other soft, sweet florals. Sadly, Escape isn't what it used to be and is a faint replica of what it was back in 1991, the year it was released. I wanted to drown in it. I received my bottle today, but it wasn't my first introduction to this perfume. I can't wait to buy my own bottle. Not only I do not smell any lemon in there, but it smells very dated, wich I guess I should have anticipated, but since Eau d'Issey is an old one too and it smells so good and classic, I was expecting someting similar with this one! I bought the mini. Well, it is & I'm glad I have it again! So I bought into the idea of the beautiful couple in the sunshine. It has a great longevity and it´s non offensive. The chamomile note is very strong in the beginning but later it settles down and the other notes arise. LOL! The other thing to consider is that other people like different scents! I have third bottle of this one and that means something, because I usually don't buy the same fragrance once again. I see Escape at Marshall's all the time but I don't think twice about it because it's one of the first fragrances I ever wore so I've been over it for years & I forgot what it smelled like. Doesn't manner now anyways. Calvin Klein. Less is more, just 1 spray and you will smell good for several hours. This perfume is one that I love to wear with sweaters/dresses that I don't wash every time I wear them because it makes my closet smell great and it lingers on them for a long time-- usually long enough that I have to use it again the next time I wear that specific article of clothing. I picked up my shirt from the day before and gave it a sniff. Calvin Klein Performance Logo Long Sleeve V-Neck Cinch Top $49.50. I can't say I love it. I couldn't really find it easily for a while so I stopped wearing it. I don't even think I owned a perfume at that time. One of the only women's frags that will turn my head! This used to be my signature scent for more than 20 years, but I can't stand it since it has been reformulated. Escape by Calvin Klein is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women.Escape was launched in 1991. I don't remember what it smelled like in the 90's. I do find this cloying. It brings back old memories of carefree days before kids and mortgages. Women who say that Escape smells like EA's Sunflowers have their olfactory all 'impaired'... Got my monthly subscription tester CK Escape written on the side. This has that juicy melon vibe. I have always considered this scent my unobtainable love. I think this fragrance can easily be summed up in 4 words: PEACH + JASMINE + CHAMOMILE + AQUATIC. I purchased the large bottle from Macy's on the spot. It was created in 1991. MERCY SATCHEL. "What perfume is that you are wearing'? I enjoy catching whiffs of it off of others, it smells sexy, fresh and super feminine...a summer fragrance with oomph, probably the most 'seductive' summer fragrance out there to date. When the drydown occurs it can be a nice fragrance and I actually like it but I feel like I could set off an asthma attack in someone for sure. Clean, aquatic, and just sweet enough. My other friends and I abhorred it, but none of us wanted to hurt her feelings. The formula dates from 2019 and it makes me curious about the initial perfume aroma. I explored this but never owned it. No mystery here. Very aquatic and flowery too. And it lasts and lasts like you wouldn't believe! Two totally different fragrances. I dont know any other perfume that has the same fragrance as Escape. Run like hell! It reacted acidically with my skin chemistry, and resembled notes of pine needles and lemon peel mixed with a whiff of alcohol. No joke! Longlasting on my skin. Then was beautiful. She sprayed the scent onto a card and gave it to me. This is one of the nastiest nauseating fragrances I have ever smelled. there is something in this perfume I cannot understand - for the first 10 minutes it is disgusting just horrible and headache - making. CK will always be the master of clean scents, this is one of his unique 'spin-offs' of 'the clean scent'. Im soo inlove with this perfume, it soo soft fruity flowery and sexy, the scent on me lasts for hours even if i spray just a small amount on my skin. The combination of the notes I mentioned with oak moss is simply heavenly to me. Grown up perfume with floral-herbal notes along and a touch of melon. It seemed like I was constantly being asked what I was wearing (which is always nice) but when my friends used it, it never worked on them (which is odd!). Just different! Yet I still love it in all its floral foody wateriness. This perfume is absolutely wonderful. Yuck. It is complex enough to keep me satisfied, but refreshing and relateable on a mass level. I believe that I used two or three large bottles of it. An oldy and not a goody for me! I got mine three years ago and it's quite stunning. Having said that, I repurchased the fragrance two years ago. It has a lift, enough skin sweetness, and an elusive tobacco note that shows from time to time. Free Shipping. The last bottle I bought turned me off. Quelle femme n'a pas un nombre impressionnant de sweats à capuche dans son armoire?Ces vêtements sont confortables et pratiques grâce à leur matière douillette et leur capuche qui nous protège du froid. I smell like copper pennies. It's very floral, and I can see that my taste in perfume has changed over the years, but I can still see wearing this on occasion. But once I decided that I like this perfume, I started to use it everyday :) It's a really nice honey-like scent! So maybe i'll give this to my mom if she likes it. My first impression after not having touched this stuff in probably twenty years--trying to do too much. It's not bad but not my taste too. I used to hate Escape as a teenager, when half of my teachers and aunts started to smell like melon instead of smelling with good perfumes - that's how I felt about it at that time. So I handed it over to my sister who liked it. It is like Sunflowers hip, college radio listening cousin. You will love this if you are drawn to fruity, melony or fresh fragrances. I discovered this scent a couple of years ago and loved it, but nowadays it gives me headaches for some reason, so I haven't been reaching for it much lately. This can be unbelievably nauseating. It was a unique fresh ozonic scent that stood on its own. One of my favorites scents of all time. Really lovely. Classic Calvin Klein logo sweatshirt gets a glam upgrade with an oversized silver foil graphic on a rose color background. I like smelling it on other people. There is just something I like about it, on occasion, not an everyday perfume (in my opnion). Now, looking back after over 20 years, I have all due respect to that melon mania and I'm able to perceive it as the icon of the era. I am often looking for vintage bottles of this aquatic and ozonic masterpiece. ETERNITY and EDEN would surely follow, as a juxtaposition to the eighties' icons such as Poison, Anais Anais or Gabiela Sabatini, just to mention a few. It had awesome sillage and longevity. Nordstrom's women's underwear collection includes Calvin Klein bras, bralettes and panties that earn their front-and-center spots in millions of lingerie drawers. Sexy and dirty. It's very well balanced. Happy to trade within the US, Can anyone pls tell me what is that steel like sharp note which is present in Escape and also in Sunflowers and in a lot of other perfumes? This is what I consider a masterpiece. This one is fresh, but strong, clean and creamy, aquatic, fruity and floral. I would wear this one very rarely, because it has a tendency to induce migraines. In my opinion, it's more for someone that is in a "daring" or "extraverted" mood. I just remember I loved it! Not nice flowers but overpowering, icky, yucky evil flowers. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Smells so good!". It has heavy sillage and can be smelt two feet away and it smells divine. I smelled the scent and the memory of why I loved Escape in the first place, flooded back to me. On my skin, the scent is neither bashful or bold. Summary: For me, starts nice, but the melon note becomes overpowering after a while and I cannot tolerate it. Tenue confortable, style décontracté, on le combine avec un jean et des baskets. THIS SMELL LOVELY TO ME FRESH AND LONG LASTING.IT ARRIVED VIA POSTAND I WAS GOING SHOPPING WITH MY BEST FRIEND. Maybe everyday scent i don't know yet. The first thing you notice is the aquatic scent but never knew that the drydown is just like Coty Wild Musk. It gives me a headache, as does L'eau d'Issey. The reformulation I have not tried but I’ve heard it’s a shadow of its former self. Very sophisticated! A little sweet as well. I have a mini from a sampler set and I won't buy a full bottle. Whenever I smelled it on someone, it would just take my breath away. If anyone in New Zealand wants a free bottle let me know, I never use it. I think I will use this as a casual daytime warm weather scent. Some lucky women can wear it, and I will forever be sniffing your sillage. Mild herbs and summery fruit cocktail. It opens with a sharp, sour melon which dissipates and then comes back intermittently. Totally failure, Coty has completely ruined it.... Sun is out decided to we're this. Ironically, I bought this as my wedding perfume 10 years ago. Um mix de notas florais doces e frias que persistem por horas e horas. In fact, during our flag ceremony (it was blazing hot and I was dripping with sweat), my co-worker leaned on me and sniffed me and can't stop smelling me during the entire ceremony!!! I love the clear scent of Escape. I have half a big bottle of this. Could be the herbal/aromatic notes underneath that just don't match. Shop a selection of wardrobe staples designed to elevate your look whatever your style - from sleek dresses of the women's collection to sensual bikinis and swimsuits, from t-shirts and jackets in the menswear range to cool trainers and iconic denim of the Calvin Klein Jeans label. My mother was given a little flacon of this perfume back in 1998. This perfume came first so I'm not sure if Sunflowers is a direct rip-off or if this style of fragrance was just very en vogue at the time. One of my all-time favorite perfumes. The smell was too mature for me at first. Now, it definitely is dated when compared to current vanilla-scented fumes. You don't have to try numerous times to love it. My granddaughter who is five and I share a bottle as this is her favorite fragrance on my vanity. My signature fragrance since it was introduced in 1991 and it has never failed to produce compliments on me. There's a wholesomeness to it. If it doesn't it, it can be awful. It's an amazing fragrance that I've found people either love or hate. Sometimes it reminds me strongly of Elizabeth Arden's 'Sunflowers' and other times it doesn't even come close... Must have to do with my bodychemistry. I think it’s amazing that perfumes , colognes, candles, food... can do that. Also.. Save up to 90% on mens cologne, womens perfume, and brand name fragrances. All those old memories came flooding back. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Feels more summery to me but not an "old" smelling frag but you gotta like melon. Un sweat à capuche Calvin Klein, c’est avant tout un pull original qui se reconnait rapidement, de par son logo original qui est connu internationalement ainsi que ses broderies Calvin Klein.Une fois enfilé, vous pouvez faire du sport comme vous pouvez vous balader ou autre : tout ce que vous faites se fera avec un look unique. Young, without being a teenie bopper smell. Smells almost exactly like L'eau D'Issey. Slightly spicy aquatic fruity floral. Details. It's Calvin Klein's Dior's Poison! Suitable for day and eve- especiall summer's eve. I've really tried to like this one, but it gives me a headache! Comes across as wishy-washy in the end, and reminds me vaguely of cashmere left forgotten in a closet. "It's Escape by Calvin Klein". Oh, how I loved Calvin Klein fragrances during the 90's! It was and still is so very refreshing. Fresh!!!! This was my signature scent in the 90s and I adored it. Ever! Like a different scent and it gave me such a headache..... What a shame ck. Nevertheless I still love this fragrance, it's a summery garden of fruit trees and wild flowers overlooking the sea. I remember i were in horror when testing Eternity and Obssession about 10 years ago. For my nose is a masterpiece. It smells like plastic, or glue. There isn't a note that stands out to me. νικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | This smells to me mostly of melon and chamomile with a bit of sweet peach thrown in, and while it does smell faintly like Sunflowers I would not compare the two. Nice to see there are still so many positive reviews. This is the first perfume I'd ever worn. Escape é um dos perfumes mais intensos e instigantes que já senti. They are far too aggressive for my taste: Euphoria, Obsession, Eternity...etc. I sprayed it today and was so disappointed . I may have to buy some more! I couldn't believe a note profile with such wide range could create such a beautiful balance of fresh and airy while warm and sensual at the same time. If I was influenced by perfume commercials I'd buy nothing! Sacs Lacoste. It's heavy, wet and cold, not joyful or comforting at all. Sunflowers is as well which I have too. It is very sweet to start then I get the very strong fruit or melon that is alittle much until it calms down and that takes awhile. It also was a time that we were shedding the decadence of the 80's and stripping down to essentials. Bought it based on the notes.... at first squirt it smelled like chemicals and cigarettes. Back when it came out in 1991 I was freshly married and poor as a church mouse. I didn't wear it long enough to try to pick out notes ( which I am not good at anyway ) . I tried this one because of the similarities with l'eau d'issey, especially the melon notes... what a disapointment! Sacs à Main Michael Kors. I love it so much..This smell more to floral! Just horrible. In retrospect this makes perfectly sense, because in the 1990s everything became "light". Há algo de melão, muito intenso e inesquecível. Its strong though appropriate for summer or spring. This one works well for me, not as overpowering as l’eau d’issey, but a similar tropical happy scent. It will be a while before I try CK. Escape used to be a favourite perfume, but now not so much. At least, that's what I got on my skin - honey note. This was amazing when it first launched, it has such beautiful memories for me. I bought it but it didn't get much wear from me, so I gave it away to my mom (she loves all the sillage monsters). Your browser does not have JS enabled, you are still able to browse the website but you won't be able to access advanced features such as editing or logging in. Wear it when you're feeling nostalgic. La gamme Calvin Klein comprend ainsi des jeans et des pantalons à accorder selon l'envie ou l'occasion avec un des nombreux polos, chemises, t-shirts ou pulls. The peaches are juicy and sweet (maybe even abit too sweet), the jasmine note is fresh and voluptuous. Explorez notre gamme de vêtements femme et redécouvrez votre style avec Calvin Klein. The sweet fruit and warm base notes help so I wait for them to come forward and then I like it.

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